Amethyst Gray
Hybrid Designer

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I am a note-writing, graphic-designing, music-obsessing (seriously my iTunes goes from Beyonce to Frank Sinatra), fashion-loving, glasses-wearing, winter-loathing, random-thinking, big-dreaming, sushi-eating type of gal.


I have a passion for typography, type
design, and lettering, and a great
appreciation for hand type.


My punctuality strengthens and
reveals my integrity-showing that
I am dependable and reliable.


Traveling allows me to make new
memories and experience different things, but most importantly to grow.


There is no special recipe. I adore being a hybrid designer. If any part of you has thought, "I want to be best friends with her," or something like "I really want to work with her," please do contact me. I would be delighted to hear from you!